Strengthen the Social Infrastructure Program

Santana Block (Partner ECOPETROL, areas of influence include the Municipalities of Mocoa, Pto Guzmán and Piamonte Cauca).

Continuing with our good neighbor policy and giving greater participation to the communities near the oil operations, along with community associations the company worked on improving the local roads to the following locations: Toroyaco battery, Toroyaco’s wells, Puerto Limón- Toroyaco 2 road, access road to the location of well Juanambu-1, Toroyaco – Linda pipeline, Linda battery and Linda Wells, docking area for the ferry and Toroyaco refinery.

Given the availability of the equipment (grader, loader and 6 trucks) from the Mayor’s Office in Mocoa and the need to improve the road between Puerto Limón and la Pasera, Gran Tierra provided 400 gallons of fuel for the improvement of this particular road.

Currently, topographic studies of the road between Nápoles and the Caqueta River in the sector of La Honda and the municipalities of Piamonte and Puerto Bello are being conducted. This work was promised to the communities of Piamonte Cauca and the Municipal Administration.

It is important to highlight that during 2007, Gran Tierra made investments of $121.871.988 million pesos for the secondary road el Tambor. With these funds 1,650 meters of road were vastly improved.

Chaza Block (area of influence Municipality of Villagarzón Putumayo).

Topographic studies were conducted on the new farm of the Wasipungo Indigenous Reserve as well as on the area of the Guineo River with the purpose of obtaining the mineral exploitation permit from the indigenous community.

In the Hamlet of San José del Guineo, Municipality of Villagarzón, Putumayo, in the area near Manantial, the foundation for the construction of a pedestrian bridge is being built.

In partnership with the Mayor’s office of Villagarzón, Putumayo, the company is working to obtain the financing for the installation of the electrical power in the Hamlet of la Cafelina.

Gran Tierra is working with the hamlet of Villa Colombia towards the construction of the second stage of the road between Juanambu and Villa Colombia.

Gran Tierra is currently working with the Mayor’s Office of Villagarzón, Putumayo, towards the installation of the electrical power in the hamlet of Villa Colombia. During the semester, Gran Tierra conducted topographic studies between the Juanambu well, the school and the houses in the area.