Strengthen Community Associations Program

Chaza Block (area of influence Municipality of Villagarzón Putumayo).

Gran Tierra Energy Colombia Ltd. through FUNDACION HUAIRASACHAC, in the month of April along with Community Associations, the Association for Displaced Peoples, Indigenous Communities and Afro Descendent Communities organized 6 workshops towards the strengthening of community involvement in the following topics: Mechanisms for Citizenship Involvement, Participation, Royalty Law, Leadership, Plan of Action and Project Profiles. These workshops had the objective of bringing knowledge to the communities, as they become self-promoters of their own development.

At the same time, the Company provided some resources to the Asociación de Juntas (Community Associations) of the Municipality of Villagarzón as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. It also supported 10 delegates from the Province of Putumayo to participate at the national level in the annual congress of Community Associations and provided support to print 3,000 brochures regarding current laws to create new Community Associations.