Environment and Sustainable Development Program

As part of the activities established under the 1% agreement program of Guayuyaco, this year the program continued with the lecture NUESTRA AMAZONIA (Our Amazon), given by the personnel from the Agro Forestry Centre (Elver Cuellar). The lectures took place in the Santo Domingo Sabio School of Mirador Cauca.

The NUESTRA AMAZONIA lectures are given to the 6-9th grade in the options curriculum program. The objective of the lectures is to develop the sense of belonging to the region and as an incentive for the development of productive initiatives based on the proper use of the forest, through sustainability and with respect for the fauna and flora of the region.

Furthermore, on May 31, 2008, in coordination with the Territorial Directorate of Piamonte CRC, a reforestation initiative was undertaken for the shores of the Guayuyaco River, in the district of Miraflor Cauca. This initiative was widely supported and the youth of the GAMA group, students from SENA Cauca, parents and community leaders took part. Due to their efforts, more than 1,000 seedlings (Chiparo and Leucaena species) were planted. In addition, with cooperation from the Territorial Directorate of Piamonte CRC, a workshop on Environmental Legislation was held in April for the students of the SENA, Cauca Branch.

From the Centro Agroforestal nursery (the Agro Forestry Centre Nursery) approximately 5,000 seedlings have been provided to small farmers for reforestation and home vegetable gardens. Currently, the germination of the Chiparo and Leucaena species is in process as well as the germination, in the adaptation zone, of the seedlings of Granadillo, Hinche, Uvo Caimarón, Pan del Norte, Arazá, Palma de Mil Pesos, Copoazú, Chontaduro and Chiparo. Through the agreement signed with Fundación Huairasachac, the application to have the Agro Forestry Centre's Nursery certified by the Colombian institute for farm animals and agriculture (ICA), is being completed.

In compliance with the environmental commitments signed with CORPOAMAZONIA , on Saturday, April 12, 2008, an environmental day was held to release 50,000 fingerlings of the Cachama Blanca species in the river basin of the Caqueta River (in the area of Jauno and Santa Lucía). For this event, close to 200 people from the urban region of Puerto Guzmán, el Jauno, Santa Lucía and the hamlets in the direct area of influence of the operation, were in attendance. The purpose of the event was to provide understanding and awareness for the community with respect to the adequate management of the river and its fisheries.

A participatory reforestation day was also conducted in the hamlet of La Pesera, near the place where an oil spill occurred on June 19, 2007 at the Toroyaco Well 4 and the community was taught the topics related to the prevention and containment of hydrocarbon spills.

At the same time, in the Hamlet of el Mesón a reforestation initiative with the community of 5 hectares was conducted in compliance with Resolution #0886 of September 2006.