Employment Program

In compliance with one of the social policies of Gran Tierra, the Company hired in its exploration and production programs 100% of the required low skilled workforce from within the areas of influence during the first semester of 2008 as well as in prior years. Gran Tierra also provided the opportunity to hire trained personnel from the region whenever possible, as long as the person possessed the knowledge and experience to carry out the job. Based on this policy, the following activities took place:

Chaza Block (area of influence Municipality of Villagarzón Putumayo).

Along with the communities of the Municipality of Villagarzón, the hiring of manpower was coordinated for the following projects:

  • Drilling of the Costayaco-3 well.
  • Construction of the civil infrastructure projects for Costayaco-4 well.
  • Drilling of the Costayaco-4 well.
  • Construction of the site for the base camp.
  • Access road and the location for the Costayaco-5.
  • Drilling of the Costayaco-5 well.
  • Building of fences along the access roads and the leases of the wells and camps.

To conclude, we have highlighted in this document the good relationships that have been developed with the Municipal and Departmental authorities, as well as with the Community Organizations and Associations near the areas of influence of the operations of Gran Tierra.

Gran Tierra is aware of the great needs of the region and understands that the resources assigned to all the programs do not fulfill the expectations of all the communities. However, we continue to work hard in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities.